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The pharmaceutical industry now controls the running of a faceless international NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) that wants to completely restrict the public's access to non-patentable natural vitamins, herbs and minerals by getting laws adopted at governmental level through their influence. Learn about these outrageous new laws being brought in globally without the general public awareness.

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Anti Aging - a simple explanation.

There are two approaches to anti aging:-

1. Keeping the cells of the body healthy and balanced up to the limit known as the Hayflick limit.

The Hayflick limit was previously believed to be the maximum number of times the cells would reproduce themselves before death. The maximum recorded is believed to be around 120 years although most people don't currently achieve this.

Modern scientific research has now found a number of different factors which together they now expect to maximise the health of cells beyond what used to be achieved by most people up to their individual Hayflick limit.

2. Latest scientific research now offers the expectation that the Hayflick limit can be exceeded by increasing the number of healthy cell reproduction cycles by maintaining the length of telomeres which are caps at the end of DNA strands.

Both approaches used together are expected to achieve healthy aging as opposed to keeping people alive longer in infirmity.

There are a number of social and philsophical benefits expected to be achieved from this approach which includes:-

  • a better quality of life for everyone

  • Vastly reduced social costs for governments

  • More wisdom and time to learn

  • The advantage that people don't "pop off" just when they are starting to understand the "rules of life!"

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    The Science of Telomeres

    Nobel Prize Winner 2009
    Lecture 1

    Nobel Prize Winner 2009
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    Nobel Prize Winner 2009
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    Advances in

    Dr. Marcus Gitterle

    Marcus Gitterle, "Advances in Anti-Aging" Presentation for Austin IONS, June 12, 2012 from INACS on Vimeo.

    In this presentation, Dr. Gitterle shares the findings of his research into the revolutionary changes that have taken place in Anti-Aging over the past ten years, and how to access those breakthroughs to prevent illness, slow and even reverse the aging process.

    Dr. Gitterle discusses how to:

    * Start a powerful Anti-Aging program immediately, regardless of your budget, or pre-existing health conditions.

    * Access natural hormone balancing methods that do away with the need for controversial, high-priced growth hormone injections, while producing remarkable benefits

    * Learn about the recently discovered, secret "switches," inside every human cell, that have been scientifically proven to reverse cellular aging. Activating them is easier than you may think.

    Dr. Gitterle is a practicing M.D. with more than 20 years experience treating patients in a hospital-based setting. Over the past 15 years, he has developed unique protocols utilizing completely natural methods, to produce extraordinary results for those with health challenges, and for healthy individuals seeking to maintain peak wellness.

    One of the first physicians in the U.S. to recognize the validity of Anti-Aging Medicine, he has been sought after as a consultant, health coach, teacher, and speaker to diverse groups. An expert on the importance of multi-system synergy in Anti-Aging and Wellness, Dr. Gitterle has created protocols which go well beyond traditional western medicine, delivering on the promise of the latest cellular and Integrative Medicine research.

    Growing Young: Doctor's Guide to Anti Aging

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