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About Us

About Us

History and background timeline of Tony Mackenzie's research and establishment of the Mackenzie Protocol TM.

Tony Mackenzie Born 1948.

1963. Left school early after good intellectual achievements from a grammar school level of education without sitting any exams due to a number of family and personal circumstances. Lack of formal establishment type educational achievements was compensated by intense research as an ongoing interest. A wide range of subjects were read and this continues up to the present day. Became interested in Quantum Physics and research into all things alternative. Tony believes that this lack of "formal" education resulted in an open mind not hampered by traditional establishment thinking and thus allowing freedom to think "outside the box"

1980's onwards. Started researching into Antioxidants and the oxidation of human cells through ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Started following the research of cutting edge scientists outside the "mainstream" and the research into natural health and wellbeing.

1990's Started taking own alternative treatments from cutting edge scientist's research into vitamins, minerals and herbs and their effect on human cells and DNA in the aging process.

1996. Studies and experience in main business activities resulted in award of F.Inst.SMM certficate and status. (Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.)

2000 onwards. Started investigating why a number of well established natural treatments were being ignored or suppressed by the mainstream and the evidence of this going back for over 100 years culminating in the present day restrictions now being brought into force.

2003 Was at a very low ebb in life and suffering stress and energy depletion. Was diagnosed with depression and diabetes type 2. Discovered Transdermal Magnesium from the website of Dr Mark Sircus. After eschewing doctor's prescription for anti depressants and diabetes drugs containing Rosiglitazone (eventually withdrawn from market) after extensive research started course of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy which after 6 months had totally changed energy levels and controlled blood sugar and blood pressure. Started buying product in bulk for resale.

2004. Discovered cutting edge Resveratrol research and became an early adopter and supplier of a high purity version which is still bought in and resold today despite heavy competition from many low grade versions being sold in the general market place.

2005. Discovered a USA company offering a substance based on Cycloastragenol (extracted in minute quantities from the root of the Astragalus plant.) This substance has been identified by cutting edge scientists as a Telomerase Activator which is an enzyme that helps maintain Telomere lengths in the DNA and identified as an important factor in aging.

2005 onwards. Kept a close watch on the activities and research of the USA company who first researched cycloastragenol with a group of scientists and doctors offering trials to clients who were being charged 25,000 USD for a 1 year protocol.

2007. Studies in philosophy and metaphysics resulted in award of MsD certificate. (Doctor of Metaphysics)

2009 Mackenzie protocol was set up to sell cycloastragenol branded as HTA98TM after having researched and sourced the product. Pricing was set at that time at a third of the price of the American product.

2009 july. Nearly died in a head on car smash in Spain. A long period of convalescence resulted in all the previous gains in controlling blood sugars and blood pressure were lost and had to build up internal cellular balance from scratch again. Discovered that the drugs that were given whilst in hosptital, which whilst welcomed at the time and the efforts of the Spanish medical staff were excellent, the general feeling was that the drugs resulted in a negative overall effect on the system. More intense investigations into cutting edge natural treatments of the typical western illnesses followed looking at causes rather than symptoms.

2009 onwards. Other cutting edge scientists work into anti aging research was intensely studied to identify other non-toxic natural products maintaining balance at the cellular level. Main supplements now being handled included resveratrol, transdermal magnesium, aloe vera, and carnosine all of which have hundreds of scientific research papers supporting their effects at a cellular level.

2009. Nobel Prize awarded to three USA scientists research into the effect on aging by maintaining telomere lengths. Took a particlular interest and did much research into all the cutting edge scientists's discoveries of the new science of DNA, genetics, epigenetics and any new scientific discoveries in these fields which are still ongoing. Discovered that cellular nutrition and nutrition in general is not taught in any depth to mainstream doctor's who mainly only get informed of new scientific discoveries that are relevant to pharmaceutical drugs by the pharmaceutical industry. Realised that knowledge of natural wellness science is growing too fast for them to keep up with it even if they wanted to. Discovered that there are nevertheless many doctors now specialising in the field of anti aging although mainly in the USA where thy command high private fees from wealthy clients.

2010. became a member of the Methuselah Foundation and one of their 300 club

2010. Became a member of the British Longevity Society

2010. Became a member of the National Health Foundation. (USA & International) Now involved in supporting the politics of this organisation which is dedicated to trying to reverse the outrageous new legislation that is being forced on governments globally under the rules of "Codex Alimentarius" to restrict the public right of access to natural products and pass control of such products to the pharmaceutical industry.

2011. Achieved a course completion certficate for Advanced Cellular Health from the Dr Rath Foundation

2011. Awarded a certIficate of recognition of lifetime achievment by the Donald Trump Jnr organisation.

2012. A new Mackenzie Protocol list was composed based on essential anti aging products that Tony Mackenzie personally uses. PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) now added to supplement list after investigating numerous scientific research papers into PQQ benefits of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and spent a period of personally trialling it.

November 2012. New Mackenzie Protocol Club launched for members and medical professionals to buy these products at competitive prices as "independent researchers" non-consumers (i.e. for members only not "consumer" sales to the general public.)

The Mackenzie Protocol Club is there to provide niche anti aging cellular maintenance products plus information at the cutting edge of science involving research into such products. It is not designed to nor is it legally allowed to claim any medical benefits or to cure any disease or illness.Products suppliesd are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease. Members buy them for their own education and research into the new science of maintaining cellular balance which is not yet properly understood by many mainstream medical professionals.



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