Serious anti aging science is  STILL being ignored by the mainstream media. Until recently people believed that it was only about cosmetic appearances instead of what the actual science has now revealed about the control and balance at an internal cellular level.


Our flagship product is HTA98 TM


The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out! 



Cycloastragenol 98% 
HTA98 Cycloastragenol is a natural herb extracted in minuscule quantities from the root of a rare Asian plant which has now been identified by cutting edge scientists in the field of anti-aging research as a telomerase activator.


HTA98 cycloastragenol telomerase activator

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and IS NOT a multi-level marketing plan!

Only a few years ago when anti aging science was still unheard of by most of the masses the rich and famous were paying many tens of thousands of dollars for what we are now offering at a fraction of the previous prices.
The science has now grown in leaps and bounds and many ordinary people are becoming their own researchers into the truth that has been kept under wraps.
This global business opportunity involves us supplying you with your own  online password controlled dealer account which can be operated from anywhere in the world where you can order our products at dealer prices.
Most products are available with the dealer account at around half of the retail prices.
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*2010 we brought you the first British/European price challenge to TA65™(trademark owned by TA Sciences inc) with our own HTA98™ herbal telomerase activator.

The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out!

* 2012 We brought you the first British/European price challenge to GENUINE U-Fucoidan with UF-n(uk)™ (We are not allowed by British law to discuss it's benefits but our co-researcher club members know what they want it for!)

* January 2013. We brought you the first British non-MLM challenge to the various Adult Stemcell Enhancers with our AStRA ™ product

* NOW we bring you the 21st Century Alternatives transdermal patch called PQQ Complete ™

* Now we bring you a cutting edge new transdermal spray containing anti aging factors with the peptide AEDG as mentioned by the recent British Longevity Society newsletter.  - more transdermal products are to follow.

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Ant-aging research on a budget!

November 2012

The Mackenzie Protocol TM

"Keeping ahead of the mainstream!

Anti aging as a science has come of age!

It is no longer the reserve of fantasists looking for the elusive elixir of youth.

Many people worldwide are now becoming their own researchers and finding facts supported by leading cutting edge scientists and Nobel Prize winners that show anti aging protocols are a realistic and achievable science now. 

In the last decade much has been discovered outside of the mainstream level of medical knowledge ( Did you see the recent BBC Horizons documentary?) and is gradually becoming known by ordinary people who look for the answers without having to go to specialists dealing only with the very rich.

To enhance this flow of knowledge the Mackenzie Protocol website has just been revamped with a new approach which includes a free members club with access to relevant information to assist this spread of the latest cutting edge knowledge.

Whilst there is still not a single elixir of youth there are a few little known natural approaches which demonstrate how the internal cellular level of the body can be maintained at an optimum and affordable level.

The website includes links to hundreds of scientific reports of the effects, at a cellular level, of just a few natural products that members can buy at relatively low cost compared with the thousands of dollars previously charged to wealthy clients by specialists in the know.

Members will have access to links to the latest scientific research which explains why the use of this previously guarded information is now justified and relevant to everyone.

NEWSFLASH October 2013


This announcement coincided with the meeting at the House of Commons on 29th October 2013 regarding scientifically backed anti aging protocols as well as the October 2013 edition of the newsletter from the British Longevity Society which reports on this  peptide that promises exciting prospects.

The meeting at the House of Commons was a special meeting whose aim was to inform people of the current and future technological developments which may lead to a dramatically extended lifespan, with many more people living for much longer. Ministers and politicians were in attendance

The peptide is the result of scientific research in Russia going back a total of 35 years and is now being offered to researchers by The Mackenzie Protocol at their website which has been established since 2010. The research includes the effects on telomeres, a part of the DNA now recognised as an important factor in slowing aging, and the work of three USA scientists who were rewarded in 2009 with a Nobel prize. 

British entrepreneur Tony Mackenzie has also spent decades researching the work of cutting edge scientists.



The Mackenzie Protocol Club exists to provide just a few selected niche anti aging cellular maintenance products plus information at the cutting edge of science involving research into such products. It is not designed to, nor is it legally allowed to, claim any medical benefits or to cure any disease or illness. Products supplies are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease. Members buy them for their own education and research into the new science of maintaining cellular balance which is not yet properly understood by many mainstream medical professionals.


The Mackenzie Protocol gives access to

cutting edge niche anti aging products and scientific reports on the advanced state of anti aging research previously only available from specialists who charge high fees to wealthy clients.  

Disclaimer 1:- All comments made by Tony Mackenzie, Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd, 21st Century Alternatives,  or The Mackenzie Protocol  are based on personal study and research but are not implied as, nor should they be construed as, medical advice. You should always seek independent medical advice and follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider. If you don't think that the advice you get from that source is fully informed as to the latest scientific research then maybe you should consider finding another qualified adviser. None of our information is intended as any substitute for necessary personal medical attention.

Disclaimer 2:- The natural herbal substance cycloastragenol is sold for anti aging research purposes only and is based on latest cutting edge research into the effect on telomeres by the body's natural enzyme  telomerase in anti aging research. Many people in the mainstream have not yet heard about it despite the work of leading scientists internationally and trials conducted in the USA since 2005. We urge you to do your own research before ordering. All comments made by Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd, 21st Century Alternatives or The Mackenzie Protocol are based on personal study  and research but are not implied as, nor should they be construed as, medical advice. You should always seek independent medical advice and follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider before buying any natural herbal product. If you don't think that the advice you get from that source is fully informed as to the latest scientific research then maybe you should consider finding another qualified adviser. None of our information is intended as any substitute for necessary personal medical attention.