This announcement coincides with the meeting at the House of Commons on 29th October 2013 regarding scientifically backed anti aging protocols as well as the October 2013 edition of the newsletter from the British Longevity Society which reports on a new peptide that promises exciting prospects.

The meeting at the House of Commons is a special meeting whose aim is to inform people of the current and future technological developments which may lead to a dramatically extended lifespan, with many more people living for much longer. Ministers and politicians are in attendance

The new peptide is the result of scientific research in Russia going back a total of 35 years and is now being offered to researchers by The Mackenzie Protocol at www.mackenzieprotocol.com

The research includes the effects on telomeres, a part of the DNA now recognised as an important factor in slowing aging, and the work of three USA scientists who were rewarded in 2009 with a Nobel prize.

This website is owned by British entrepreneur Tony Mackenzie who has also spent decades researching the work of cutting edge scientists.


UK manufacturer of anti aging products recruiting resellers worldwide

The value of niche nutritional supplements is now being recognised for healthy aging.

Despite decades of research into the benefits of certain natural nutritional supplements their benefit at the cellular level is now only just being recognised in the process of healthy aging and to help delay premature aging.

A British website at www.21stcenturyalternatives.com has now set up a free membership scheme for interested parties who want to join as co-researchers in taking responsibility for their own wellbeing research and to make the effort to research the relevant information that is well ahead of the mainstream. A small range of natural niche products are available to members.

Well informed members who want to go a stage further are also able to join the club's "Anti Aging Global Reseller Plan" with substantial discounts for quantity purchases starting at only 12 mixed items. The resellers buy the most important products direct from the manufacturing company with no middlemen or MLM structure.

The club's founder Tony Mackenzie states that ,as the manufacturer of the products, they do not offer any form of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) although they are now attracting resellers who previously were selling similar products through various MLM companies.

Tony also states that cellular nutrition is a subject that has been slow to be accepted by the mainstream medical profession due to the lack of education about it in the mainstream medical educational curriculum. He explains that the pharmaceutical industry is known to be actively opposing this new paradigm in many ways as awareness is now growing exponentially. He is now also receiving applications from better informed medical professionals who want to use and to sell their competitively priced non-pharmaceutical products.

Two of the most recent, but little known, advanced areas of cutting edge research involves telomerase activation (DNA) and natural Adult Stem Cell (ASC) release from bone marrow. Tony concludes "We now have two products being manufactured as a result of this latest research by cutting edge scientists in addition to our existing range of anti aging supplements."

The website uses the slogan "Keeping Ahead of the Mainstream"