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PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)

Update 12th December 2012

Due to circumstances outside of our control we have had to unexpectedly delay launch of this product. Please check back with us at the end of December.

I apologise for any inconveneince to previous enquirers.


Tony Mackenzie

Buying PQQ from us offers you a most economical quantity and delivery method anywhere in the world.

We specialise in just a few genuine up to the moment niche products proving to have beneficial properties from the latest cutting edge research.

These supplies will be despatched by our established and registered UK business. We are a member of an international buying group so we are only sourcing the best quality materials.

Despatched from the UK. All EU/UK duties and customs procedures already handled and paid for by us.

Buyers outside EU will be responsible for any import taxes due on arrival in their own country.

Otherwise the price quoted here is what you pay including delivery worldwide.

Due to restrictive new laws coming in against natural herbal products in some countries all buyers must accept that all sales are made on the basis of "for research and analysis purposes only."

PQQ is

Please Google it for more information or see the Wikipedia report on it.

Not to be confused in price with smaller quantity bottles with far fewer and smaller content capsules.

Search the net and you will find many sellers selling less potent capsules for up to 3 or 4 times our price and we also give massive discounts for wholesale buyers.

PQQ is genuine and highly researched. Just Google it!

We want to promote what we believe are truly beneficial products and not to peddle cheap ineffective supplements.

You also buy direct from us with no middlemen or MLM structure.

Tony Mackenzie is an independent anti-ageing researcher who supports the work of, and is a subscriber of, the Alliance for Natural Health (UK), an international member of the National Health Federation (USA), has completed an Advanced Cellular Health Course course with the Dr Rath Foundation, is also a supporter of the Methuselah Foundation and a funding contributor as one of the members of their exclusive "300" club. He now also supports the work of the Cancer Active charity mentioned above. He now also manages the UK Mushroom Club at www.mushroomclub.org.

Minimum order only 100 capsules. Worldwide delivery included in the price. Special deals for practitioners

PQQ IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE to Internet buyers who confirm they want the product for "research and analysis" when they place an order. Attention UK and EU buyers:- If you are contemplating ordering PQQ from another supplier outside the EU you will be legally liable to pay additional charges for customs duty plus VAT. Our UK prices shown below include delivery, UK (EU) import duty already prepaid by us at 12.5% as well as UK VAT of 20%.

Prices for UK/EU customers

All packets (or bottles) contain 100 capsules

PQQ x 100 capsules = £39.99 inc delivery
x 3 packets PQQ x 100 capsules = £99.99 inc delivery
6 bpackets PQQ x 100 capsules = £189.99 inc delivery
12 packets PQQ x 100 capsules = £349.99 inc delivery
larger wholesale orders = POA.

Prices for non UK/EU customers

All bottles contain 100 capsules

1 packet PQQ x 100 capsules = £39.99 inc delivery
3 packets PQQ x 100 capsules = £89.99 inc delivery
6 packets PQQ x 100 capsules = £149.99 inc delivery
12 packets PQQ x 100 capsules = £299.99 inc delivery
larger wholesale orders = POA.

How to order PQQ capsules

Do you want to order now? Simply go to the order page and email us with the quantity you require together with the following statement:- "I declare that I am buying PQQ for research and analysis or for use under the supervision of a qualified medical or scientific professional."
Then we will send you an online payment request via Google checkout. When we receive your payment we will send your PQQ to you.

PQQ is now immediately available and sent worldwide from our exclusive UK supplier
Advantage Impex Co UK Ltd
United Kingdom

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Disclaimer:- All comments made by Tony Mackenzie, Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd, Global Trade Group or The Mackenzie Protocol PLC are based on personal study and research but are not implied as, nor should they be construed as, medical advice. You should always seek independent medical advice and follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider. If you don't think that the advice you get from that source is fully informed as to the latest scientific research then maybe you should consider finding another qualified adviser. None of our information is intended as any substitute for necessary personal medical attention.

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