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Welcome to our 21st Century Alternatives shop for practitioners and resellers of The Longevity Revolution.

We regret that due to the outrageous  fascistic and , totalitarian  action of PayPal we are no longer able to accept payment through their service which has made false accusations against us and is currently  unfairly witholding nearly £45,000 of our funds. You can read more about this at "honest longevity-pioneer kicked off paypal" this is DESPITE A GOOD STANDING ACCOUNT WITH THEM FOR OVER A DECADE.


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The Longevity Revolution™  is now sweeping the world and dealerships are  available to open minded and entrepreneurial resellers or practitioners  who are interested in taking advantage of this unique dealer offer and joining our existing network of dealers and practitioners now  already established in the UK, Europe, North America, South America, Asia  and Africa.

All capsule products made in Britain using high purity ingredients with no fillers or excipients
All capsules are best quality Pullulan vegetable (not simply "vegetarian" ) capsules
FREE Worldwide delivery

Access to our online TV channels with hundreds of FREE to view videos  and documentaries explaining the history of recent Longevity research  and science
going back many decades but only now becoming known by informed practitioners and the general public.

A FREE online course of why we age.

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Live to 100 says Russian physician in 2011



Advances in medicine may provide long life for humans  According to the Russian physician, Vladimir Khavinson, the key for longevity is to prevent aging by means of biomolecules formed by amino acids.  Who has not wanted to reach 100 years of age in a healthy way? What seemed a distant dream some years ago may well be close to becoming reality. 

Report from Pravda in English October 2011 





This is an opportunity from a UK company established since 2003 FOR YOU to be one of the worldwide official registered dealers of:-

21st Century Alternatives

Now also trading as

The Longevity Revolution ™


Introduction to The Longevity Revolution ™

The Longevity Revolution ™ 


Buy direct from us, the manufacturer of most of the products, at a low level of investment with large trade discounts off the RRP.

How you run the business after that is entirely up to you and there is NO OBLIGATION to meet any sales targets.

Sell from shop, home or internet  - it's your choice.


* High quality                                                    * No MLM or middlemen

* NO OBLIGATION to meet targets

 * Most products made by us in the UK using natural ingredients

* High content volume                                   * Up to the moment cutting edge products

 *Competitive RRP's                                        * Profitable margins

* Low minimum order requirements


Our encapsulated products are not synthetic and do not use any fillers as do  many of the cheaper type of low cost/low quality mass market supplements, but are all niche products that have been intensively researched by cutting edge scientists and are now becoming a growth area in dietary supplements and natural longevity products. Our longevity research peptides are synthesised versions of natural peptides.

You can research all the products yourself on Google where there are many links to independent scientific research.


We also have hundreds of informative videos available at our online Internet TV channel at


Please do any research you  want and feel free to ask us any questions.

Dealer prices exc vat if applicable.

General Disclaimer:- All our products are supplied via Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd and 21st Century Alternatives only to free members of The Mackenzie Protocol co-researchers anti aging members club at If buyers have not already joined this club they must accept that free membership to this club is a condition of making a purchase and automatic membership must be assumed by the act of making a purchase as a non consumer. All ccomments made by us or our resellers are based on global reports of independent study and research but are not implied as, nor should they be construed as, medical advice. You should always seek independent medical advice and follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider. If you don't think that the advice you get from that source is fully informed as to the latest scientific research then maybe you should consider finding another qualified adviser who is more up to date with the latest scientific research. Worldwide knowledge of non pharmaceutical therapies is growing but none of our information is intended as any substitute for necessary personal medical attention and none of the products have been assessed by the FDA or their equivalent organisation in any country.

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