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BioFilam capsules containing U-Fucoidan

BioFilam a proprietary natural product containing U-Fucoidan from brown seaweed which has now been identified by cutting edge scientists as an important factor in cellular activity. Check it out on Google

We want to promote what we believe are truly beneficial products and not to peddle cheap ineffective supplements.

You also buy direct from us, the manufacturers, with no middlemen or MLM structure.

Single bottles at £19.99 are available from our Members Shop

Wholesale orders of 12 plus bottles or loose bulk capsules are available from our Resellers Shop

Tony Mackenzie is an independent anti-ageing researcher who supports the work of, and is a subscriber of, the Alliance for Natural Health (UK), an international member of the National Health Federation (USA), has completed an Advanced Cellular Health Course course with the Dr Rath Foundation, is also a supporter of the Methuselah Foundation and a funding contributor as one of the members of their exclusive "300" club. He now also supports the work of the Cancer Active charity mentioned above.

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